5 Ways To Stop Spy On Your Smartphone

5 Ways To Stop Spy On Your Smartphone

5 Ways To Stop Spy On Your Smartphone

Recently there has been a news that there are more than 1,000 such apps that are spying on our phone. Even if you have not given permission, yet they are stealing data from your phone. However, this is not the first time but whether it is an Android phone or an iPhone, many times there have been accusations of spying on apps. Security updates are provided in the OS, but taking advantage of some shortcomings, some of these thief applications steal your personal data. In such a situation, it is important that you be aware of the data security of your phone beforehand. However, there are some ways through which you can reduce the spying of your phone to a great extent. Now I am going to share with you top 5 best way implementing which you can stop spying on your phone. What Is GST In Hindi. 

1. Give the app as much permission as needed

When you install an app, it asks for many types of access to your phone. This access ranges from viewing your contacts to using the phone’s microphone and camera. You give permission without thinking, but this app starts spying on you later. So when you are installing an app, understand its usage and give as much access as needed. If there is a payment app, then you can give contact message and camera access, its location does not work. At the same time, if it is asking for microphone access, it is also wrong. Give each app permission according to its usefulness. You can also think that if any app Is asking more permission than it is needed than there is something wrong with that app. So always be carefull when giving permission to those apps.

2. Review App Permission

If you have already installed the app in your phone, then take the time to review the permission of those apps. During this review you can prevent unwanted permissions. For this you must first
1. Go to the settings of your phone.
2. Here you will see the option of app. Click it.
3. With this, all apps will be open.
4. Now you click on the app, you will get many options. Scrolling down a bit will show the option of app permissions. From here you can turn permissions on and off.
5. However, in many phones, there is a separate option for app permissions. When you click on Permission, then all the Permissions will come there, you can click on them and see which app has received what kind of permission. Permission can be turned off from here. So this is how to you can improve your mistaken if you given all type of permission to any app by mistake. It’s always beneficial to review your app permission, so that you have idea that which permission you have given to an app or not.
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3. Close your location share

Often we keep the location of our phone open, but it also spies your phone. Many apps access your location and keep taking all the information about where you are going, where you are sitting and what kind of shopping you are doing. In such a situation, it is important that you keep the location setting of your phone off and turn it on only when needed. It is better if you delete your location history. You can turn the location off by quick setting. But to delete location history first of all
1. Go to the settings of the phone and choose the location from here.
2. In many phones, this option will be found inside the Security and lockscreen.
3. With the location, you will get three to four options in the beginning, including a location history. Click it.
4. With this, there will be an option to turn off location history. Turn it off After this your history will not be saved.
5. But to delete the location history, first you need to turn on the map in the phone.
6. From here, go to Map Settings.
7. In this, you will get the option of map history, click it.
8. Here you will get complete information about your location, when and where you have been.
9. From here you can delete your entire history one by one. With this, you can delete the entire history at once.
10. For this, click on the three dots at the top right and go to delete activity by. Here you can delete the entire history simultaneously by clicking delete all time. Also read: If your phone does not have 3.5mm audio jack, then these 5 disadvantages

4. Photo Location Off

Perhaps you do not know that the location can be spied from your photo too. You click the photo from your phone and it has the option of location store which also protects your location along with the photo. Many apps take access to your album and camera and they even spy on it. In such a situation, you turn off the photo location store. For this you
1. Open the camera and go to the camera settings.
2. You will get the option of store location in the settings, turn it off. Along with this, the location store with photos will be off.

5. Do Virus Scan

You can be a little safe with some of the above methods, but still not completely. There are many apps that spy through viruses. In such a situation, you cannot catch it during normal use. But if you have a virus scanner in your phone, then many apps will be identified. So regularly use virus scanner in Smartphone. But don’t use all type of virus scanner in your phone. there are hundreds of virus scanner in market but every of them are not trusted. Some good virus scanner are available on the apps store and google play store. Which virus scanner is good or which one is not good, you can decide it after seeing the review and rating of that app.

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