About Us

Hey, everyone, this is Prince Raj, the author of this blog called clearimagedesign.com. I am only in my team, I mean to say I own clearimagedesign.com blog and I have no team. I write articles with my own knowledge and I am also a learner, I read lots of blogs and learn from there and always wanted to share my knowledge with the world so I created this blog.

Who am I?

As you know that my name is Prince Raj and I am from Saharsa, Bihar. Currently, I am doing my graduation from Lalit Narayan Mithila University Darbhanga, Bihar. My learning sources are some knowledgeable blog on the internet, some books and I learn from the people who is doing their best in the field of blogging.

What clearimagedesign.com blog is for?

clearimagedesign.com is an image site where lots of informative and status images are shared on a daily basis. here you will find all types of images like happy birthday images, good night image, good morning image, good evening image or any kind of informational image which can give a different look.