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Android 9 Pie: Google has finally released android P, Everything you need to know

android 9 pie
Android 9 Pie, this is the name of latest operating system by Google’s android O.S. after a lot of guess about the name of next operating system by Google, finally it’s now Android Pie.
Talking about android p, it is different from all of its previous version, which leaves some traditional feature and adds some very interesting and cool features. Now a new phone which will come with android p will not have back and recent apps button, now it will only have a pill-sized home button which moves around and packed with lots of gesture in it.
This new operating system is full of AI(artificial intelligence). Now it will improve the user experience, the most talked feature in android p is digital wellbeing, which helps a user in many ways.
Android 9 Pie: which Smartphone will get update
Initially, all Google pixel series Smartphone s are getting android 9 pie update like Google pixel, pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Before the launching of android pie, there was a program for beta testing of this O.S. and some Smartphone  of companies like one plus 6, Xiaomi, oppo, Vivo, HMD Global, Sony had ability  to participate in that beta program, so this Smartphone will get the update very soon.
Smartphone  which had been launched under Android one branding like Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6, Mi A1 series, etc. will get the update very soon. All other manufactures will notify the users that does his Smartphone  Is compatible for android 9 or not, you can check it after going into your phone’s setting manually.
Android 9 Pie: what is social wellbeing?
Smartphone addiction is a very dangerous thing for a person but these days lots of people are addicted to the Smartphone it’s like a Smartphone is everything for him. So to help this type of Google developed a tool in their android 9 pie and that is Social wellbeing. It helps people to get rid of the addition of smartphones with a number of techniques.
Basically, it shows that how much time you spend on your Smartphone, how much time do you spend on a particular app and all data of your usages. It has a lot of tools so that after enabling that you can control yourself. So if you spend more than 12 to 14 hours a day, on your Smartphone then it will suggest that it is not good for your social wellbeing.
Android 9 Pie: Some interesting feature
In android 9 pie, you can set a timer for your apps. If you will cross that time than it will notify you that you are crossing your time limit. After that, the color of the app will be grey.
Sound amplifier: it is always hard for a person to talk at a very nosier area like a bar, loud music place, at a very crowded place. So this feature will help a user to listen very clearly with the help of over 100 settings
Adaptive battery: battery is always a very important part of a Smartphone. Adaptive battery feature is full of AI(artificial intelligence). So android will analyze your behavior and learn which app you use most or which apps you don’s use very much. So O.S. will give more power to these apps which you use most automatically.
Adaptive brightness: We already have auto-brightness feature in previous android versions. This adaptive brightness feature is similar to auto-brightness but more convenient. It is full of artificial intelligence. It will learn how much brightness do you like in a certain light environment and then it will adjust the brightness itself.
The next very interesting feature is for the camera, now a developer can improve the camera quality very much because they have now android 9 pie camera support. Now anyone can connect a third-party camera via USB/USV very easily.
Android Pie is good for 18:9 display because now O.S. will cover the whole display.
Android 9 Pie: Connections
Bluetooth: now anyone can connect 5 different Bluetooth devices at the same time and can deal with the devices very easily.
Android 9 Pie: Some interesting feature
A most interesting feature is that now AI of android 9 pie will improve your user experience with lots of interesting feature. First AI will learn with the help of machine learning that how often do you use apps and then next time O.S. will give you suggestion for that apps in the navigation menu.
Let’s understand it with an example,
If you go to the office at 9 O clock daily in the morning and you use google maps then android 9 pie’s O.S. setting will follow your pattern and will give you a suggestion for Google map’ every day at 9 O clock in the morning.


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