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Android Vs Iphone: Which one is Better and Why

android vs iphone
There are two major mobile Operating system in the world one is Android, which is a Linux based open-source operating system, whereas another one is IOS, which is mainly found in apple device like iPhone. So here the discussion begins that in Android Vs iPhone, which operating system is better and why.
Android was first introduced to the world on 23 September 2008 and IOS was first introduced to the world on 29 July 2007.
In Android Vs iPhone discussion we will be walk through some major points that describe the pros and cons of iPhone and Android.


iPhone is manufactured by Apple, which is the world’s biggest tech company. The price of Apple’s iPhone is very high as compared to Android, whereas Android is an open-source operating system and you will find an Android Smartphone in every price range. There are also some Android phones which price is very high, but at the same time, there is also Android phone’s which price is very low.
But iPhone is only available at very high price range, yeah there is some iPhone which is available at very low price range too, but that iPhone is old model iPhone, which Apple sells at a low price. But in today’s technology world buying an outdated iPhone is not a good deal.
So in the price point of view Android beats iPhone.

Buying Options

As you know that Android is an open-source operating system, so there are lots of mobile manufacturer company who makes high-end Smartphone based on Android. So a customer has lot more option when he buys an Android operating system based Smartphone.
But iPhone is based on IOS operating system, which is completely under Apple. Any mobile phone manufacturer companies, in the world, don’t have permission to make mobile phones based on the IOS operating system. So a buyer has only one option that Appel’s iPhone to buy from.

Brand value

Here the iPhone leads. iPhone has a much bigger brand value as compared to other Android phones. It’s true that some company like Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Vivo, Oppo, etc. also has very big brand value and these company launches pretty good Smartphone.
But from the status point of view, the iPhone is King here. It maybe that Android phone will be much feature as compared to iPhone, but Android doesn’t have that much status value as iPhone has.


I would say here that iPhone leads due to Guarantee point of view. I mean when you buy a new iPhone if any problem happens to that iPhone during Guarantee period than Apple will give you a brand new iPhone instead of that old iPhone without any question.
But if you are an Android Smartphone user of any company and if any problem happens to that Android Smartphone, then instead of replacing that phone the customer service will give you, your same phone after repair.

Artificial Intelligence

Google owns the Android so Android has Google assistant as an artificial intelligence voice assistant. On the other hand, iPhone has Apple-owned SIRI as an artificial intelligence voice assistant in it. So now let’s compare between them
As you know, Google knows you more than yourself with the huge amount of data. Because many times we use Google as a search engine and Google has a lot more service which we use. With the help of these services Google collects our data and Google Assistant has the capability to use that data. So when we use Google Assistant than Google Assistant gives us the right feedback with the help of that data.
But SIRI doesn’t have that more data as Google assistant has. So when we use SIRI as our voice assistant than it give us less feedback. At some point SIRI is not able to perform that task which we give it to do but Google Assistant does it very easily.


Well security of any mobile phone depends upon how a user use it, whether it may be in good way or it may be in bad way, so it’s all depend upon how a user uses it. But I am going to tell you some security points in iPhone vs Android discussion.
I would say that iPhone is more secure than Android, but it doesn’t mean that Android is not secure but It lacks at some security features. Android is an open-source mobile operating system, it means that anyone can modify the source code of the Android but when modifying the original source code it becomes very risky and there will be chance that vulnerability maybe found in that code, which will be very easy for a hacker to hack.
But Iphone has IOS as operating system which is completely secured by Apple. Anyone can’t modify the original source code of the IOS, so it becomes very hard to penetrate in Iphone.


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