Battery Saving Tips For Beginners

By | October 23, 2019

battery saving tips
Earlier reports of a battery blast in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scare consumers. After this, the news of the blasts of the iPhone 7 could come again people. Today, the news of the Galaxy S7 Az phone blast is being discussed again today. After news reports that large flagship phones were blasted, mobile users need to be more aware of their phone’s battery. If your phone is a smartphone then it is important to follow certain rules of security. Next, we have given some tips that can help you keep your phone’s battery safe and avoid hazards like battery blasts to some degree.

1. Do not use the phone in order to be sweated or too wet.

Often we come to bath and start using the phone. While this is newsletters. If you are sweating too much or you are soaked, do not use the phone at that time. This can make the phone water so that the phone can get spoiled or the danger of having a battery blast. If it is important to talk then you can use headphones or speakers. It is much safer.

2. Keep Care of the Traditional

Being warm, the phone not only loses its battery capacity but it is also extremely dangerous to be hot. According to information given on Gizmodo, the battery loses its 6% capacity at the temperature of more than 32 degrees. Similarly, if the structure is high then this figure increases. Not only this, the danger of phone blasts in the higher temperature increases. If there is a lot of sunshine outside, in such a situation, keep the phone somewhere that it does not get warm. If you feel that your phone is getting too hot due to normal temperature then immediately ask for it. Keeping in the pocket often seems like the phone is getting hot. If this is the case, then immediately lock your phone.

3. Do not keep on the car’s dashboard

In the car, there is a problem getting rid of the phone while we put it on the dashboard. It is also quite harmful for the phone. The sun comes from the front mirror and the dashboard is also warm as it is driving. This can also cause damage to the phone’s battery. The phone can be hot and the battery may explode. So please do not do this.
4. Do not use other charger
Although this is a matter of very discussion. Everyone advises that the other charger should not be used. But no one gives it the exact reason why. But I can tell the fact that the power output of the charger of each phone is different which can harm your phone’s battery. Therefore the second charger should not be used.
5. Stay away from the wireless charger
Wireless charger generates heat and hence, it charges the phone. Although the battery is able to endure that heat, but the phone also gets hot. Avoid wireless charging in such a way is far better.
6. Being hot during charging is removed immediately
If the phone is getting hot during charging then it will be better to remove from charging as soon as possible. Once you recharge the phone, charge it and connect the plug in a better way. If the battery is still heating up, then check the software updates once. Update the software. If the battery is heating up after all, then it’s time to change it.
7. If the phone is being discharged quickly and is restarting again and again
Even if your phone is being discharged more quickly, you may also know that this is the replacement of the battery, otherwise, it can be dangerous. Not only this, your old phone is often restarting itself by checking the battery.
8. If the battery is full
If your phone’s battery is full, then immediately remove it and separate it from the phone. If you have a unibody, you do not know, but if you are a little suspicious then phone the phone.

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