Consider these 5 things before updating your Android Phone

By | October 23, 2019

update android
As it turns out, Google announces a new update of the Android operating system every year. In the year 2016, where there was no 7.0. At the same time in 2017, the Android operating system 8.0 Orio was launched. At present, 9.0 pie is the newest operating system. Although it has been a long time launched, most phones are still working on the old Android operating system 8.0 or 8.1. But a good thing can be said that now the phone makers have started updating so that you can update your phone on the new OS. Recently, many companies including Moto and Samsung have updated.
Phone updates have many advantages This not only increases security but also adds many new features to the phone. Updating phones today is also easy. The phone is equipped with the Ota feature. You just get a notification that updates start when clicked. If your phone has an update too, then definitely do some caution before updating the phone. These 5 benefits come with phone updates
Caution 1
If you have a new OS update in your phone, then it will be better if you back up the phone before clicking on the update. Although it is not necessary to back up but you want the phone to work like new after the update it is necessary. Contact backup comes with Gmail, Whatsapp backup is also on the drive. You can take your photo, video, and music back to the backup computer, hard drive, memory card or cloud. Data backup will be an advantage and if the problem happens during the update, the phone will be safe.
Caution 2
Google is trying to make Android phones safer as much as possible. This is the reason that when you get a new phone, the phone asks you a secure login at the time of install. So that if the phone is lost or stolen, no one can use it. This secure login comes from your email account. So if you are updating the phone, then first look at the Security Login ID. Sometimes we forget by putting the ID in a security-related way. It is important that you already know the ID. This option will be available in the phone settings and you will get it inside the account. You can see which Google account you’ve integrated. Take the screenshot if possible. Learn The Right Way To Charge The Phone
Caution 3
Get Home or Phone You keep things in line with your needs. In this case, if you have used a new launcher or any different type of customization in your phone then take its screenshot. It will be easy to install after updates. Learn How to Keep Your Android Phone Safe
Caution 4
If you are updating the phone to a new OS then it is very important to have a battery charge. If you do not want to have any kind of power backup during the update, keep the phone charged up to 80% before the update. During the update the battery consumption is high and if the phone is closed in the middle then there can also be problems.
Caution 5
If you have looked at all the precautions given above, then now you can put the phone on the update. If you go to the settings of your Android phone, you will get the option of software updates on the phone. You can update the phone by clicking on it. Yes, remember that once the phone is updated, it is better if you do not use any hardware buttons. Do not even phone the phone at the same time.
After update
Once the phone is updated, it will restart itself and you can use it. But if you want to do a new job, then once it is better to reset the factory or hard-boot then it is much better.
First, press and hold the power and volume down or up buttons together for the first time to hard boot. This will move your phone to boot mode. The touch screen will not work here, you will need to use the Volume Button for the up-down and the Power button to OK. Here you can choose the reset option. Once the phone is activated, you can re-use it by restoring your mail and data on the phone. Resetting the data will end all types of bugs available in the phone and it will act as a brand new phone.

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