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Google Assistant: Everything You Need To Know

Google Assistant: Everything You Need To Know
It was the time of 2016 when Google Assistant was first introduced. Soon, It became one of the most successful product of Google and loved by people all over the world.
Google Assistant has lot more feature in it, which makes it different from other services like Siri and Cortana.
what should you say in reply of thank you in hindi
Google Assistant is available in many languages all over the world and it has very easy navigation.
Today in this post I am going to cover all the query related to Google Assistant in very simple language.
So stay tuned with us.
What is a Google Assistant?
Google Assistant is a very different product by Google, which is based on Artificial Intelligence. It makes the searches on Google very easily. It doesn’t require any link of websites or anyone don’t have to type a very big phrases or keyword in Google to find their answer.
Instead, all that one only has to speak anything which he/she wants to search in Google, after that Google Assistant takes care all that search and gives proper answer related to that query.
Google Assistant not only do searches for you on Google, but also do lots of tasks like setting up alarm, doing calculation for you, play music or video on your phone and many more tasks.
Google Assistant has next-level artificial intelligence in it.
Let me give you an example
Suppose you want to know about who is Barack Obama and you asks it from Google Assistant, then Google will tell you some major information about Barack Obama, if you want to know about his height, then you can simply asks to Google, that “what is his height” here you don’t need to include Barack name again.
Google will understand and give you detail about his height.
How to turn on Google Assistant?
First, let me tell you that Google Assistant can be accessed on any phone having Marshmallow or above operating system.
There are two methods to enable Google Assistant in any phone.
First one is that, if there is voice-enabled in the phone then simply say OK Google and it will be understood by the Google that you want to access Google Assistant by phone.
If you are using Google Assistant for the first time then you will have to set it up for the first time and then you can access it when you want.
Now it comes the second method to enable it
1. Long press home key of your phone.
2. In the next screen, you will see a pop-up message related to Google Assistant, here click on next.
3. Now click on continue and set your Google account here, give all detail here which Google asks you here Google will also ask you to say “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” do it simply.
After performing all the task asked by Google, Now you can easily use Google Assistant on your phone.
Next time whenever you want to use Google Assistant on your phone, you will have to say “Ok Google” after saying this your own Google Assistant will be ready to use.
You can ask any question or you can say Google any task to perform on your phone with your voice, it’s effortless, right?


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