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How to Buy a Perfect Selfie Camera Phone

How to Buy a Perfect Selfie Camera Phone
Taking a photo from the smartphone’s rear camera is the old thing today. Today we are living in the selfie era. If the phone does not have a better selfie camera on the phone today, maybe people do not even buy it. If you are also making a purchase of a smartphone and want his selfie camera to be superb, then it is very important to take care of some things.
More megapixels are essential but not necessarily
Most people believe that the higher the megapixel camera, the better quality but it is not. Megapixels are not the only thing for a perfect picture. The higher the click on any photo, the better it is. The photo taken over the highway resolution captures more pixels and details, which can later be used to maintain the quality of the photo while editing and cropping. So it can be said that for the perfect picture it is necessary to have high resolution but not high megapixels.
It is also necessary to see pixel size
Pixel size is considered to be the second essential factor for any perfect selfie. That is, the larger the size of the pixels, it will capture the same light during photography and it will be helpful in taking a better picture. Big pixel size will also help you draw better and clear photos even in low light. During Selfie, pixel size will be most helpful for you. Because people often see people in low light condition such as weddings, parties and malls, where light is not very good. On these occasions, perfect self-help can be taken with the help of better resolution.
Wide-angle lens make choice
Most of the smartphones today are equipped with front camera wings angle lenses. Having a Wide Angle Lens is not only easy to take selfie, but also can show background in every photo of Selfie. At the same time there is no saying that taking a group selfie from wide-angle lenses is also easy. Field of view grows in wide angle lenses, so that more and more objects can be captured in fram. If possible, choose the option for the perfect selfie phone, which is bigger than Wide aperture (F / 2.0 aperture F / 2.2). TFlash will help in low light
Today almost every mobile manufacturer uses different types of technology with the phone’s front camera so that the phone’s camera can also give better picture quality in low light. Some companies use the screen flash feature. In this, the phone screen shines very fast during Selfie, meaning that the screen uses its entire brightness. If you are taking selfie from near you, there is a slight light on your face, it will improve your self. On the other hand, many manufacturers use front flash in the phone. Both of these techniques help you to get better selfies. If you are preparing for a new phone for yourself, then definitely take care of these techniques of selfie.
Camera app and other features
The credit for better performance of any smartphone camera goes to its software. The better the camera software the picture will be as good. Today there are other settings, including live filters, extra control over brightness and contrast with the camera, which will be better said. During Selfie this feature will bring shine on the face. You can also call enhance. It is very important to mention the Oppo smartphone here. First of all, this company had introduced the Beauty Mode feature in their phone. At the same time, the new phones of Oppo have the Beauty mode 4.0, which has become much better than before. In F1S, the company has introduced 7 different levels under Beauty mode, which are natural and quite will be more light inside the camera and the picture quality of the phone will be better.
Take care of software processing too
Although the software is meant only by the smartphone’s operating system, it is very useful even during photography. People often ignore software processing because it is a background process and does not even mention it in the spreadsheets. But when you click the picture and the result you get, the role of software is also important. Therefore, despite the same megapixels and sensors, the picture quality of the phones of different companies varies.
The role of a good algorithm is crucial for converting analog information into digital output through a camera sensor and then applying it to the photo. So if you are planning to take a camera phone then definitely check out the phone’s camera sample. This will help you choose a good camera phone.
Moving hands will help to take good picture image stabilization
When you take a picture from a slim and small phone, you often feel afraid to shake hands. The picture becomes blurred due to moving the hand. This is seen more during selfie. In this way, you would have heard that many phone companies are presenting the Optical Image Stabilization feature with the camera. Some have even introduced this feature with a selfie camera. HTC 10 is also available with the OIS front camera. Although some phone makers have offered it even better, where you can take photos with just a voice command. It is called a voice gesture. In this, you can not take the picture to take a picture, but only by speaking, you can take photos, in such a way the handshakes.
Do not even ignore hardware
In the wake of better selfie phones, many people only buy the phone by watching the front camera’s megapixel and do not check about the other hardware on the phone. While it should be known that due to better hardware, you can take good pictures. As- If you have taken a smile, then on a good screen it can be seen with full realization. If the phone display is bright and clear then the picture will also be visible. The phone’s powerful processor and RAM will help speed up the shutter speed of the phone and speed up photo processing.
Yes, remember that you should not overlook the internal memory during this period. Why you can do photography by resting in large amounts. One more thing to note here is that if your phone is not capable of extracting a single day in a single charge, then the quality of selfie quality and phone performance remains intact. In such a case, it is also important to look at the battery before purchasing the phone.
It can be said that if you are looking for a better selfie phone then it is important to take care of all eight things mentioned above. Through this, you can take better and superb selfies. If you look at all the cell phones available in the market, then someone has a megapixel camera, then there is no wide-angle. If there is both in some, the specification is low. Although there are some phones that fulfill all these needs.


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