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How to fix Android phone with Black Screen

How to fix Android phone with Black Screen
A smartphone is made up of thousands of components. This is the reason that often there are few drawbacks in the phone. If the charging does not work properly, then the problem of heating in the phone is seen. Similarly, in a phone, the camera problem is detected and the screen is black-out. Although problems like heating, camera, and charging are ignorable but the screen blackout can be ignored. Because if you do not see anything then how will it work? At the same time, the screen becomes a little more troubling when the blackout is over because the cost of fixing it starts showing more. But some of them are Jugaad through which you can solve the problem of screen blackout. GST In Hindi
Yes, it is necessary to tell one thing that if the screen is completely dead and despite many efforts, the phone must be taken to the service center. Yes! If the phone’s screen is black on the go and suddenly turns back in a few seconds or minutes, then it can be solved. People often find this complaint during the Internet usage, cameras or calling. Such a problem can be easily solved. So let’s know how to fix the screen blackout.
The reason for the screen blackout?
If your phone has a problem with the screen blackout then you first need to check your phone well before sometimes when this problem is solved. If you understand it then it can be easily solved. Just like when running the Internet or during calling, using the camera or at any time. First of all, note these things and then follow these tricks.
How to repair it
1. App problem: The biggest reasons for screen blackout are some incompatible app. Some new or older apps are not compatible with the OS of the phone or there is a problem with their coding. In this way, they tend to tease you again and again.
Solution: If you recently installed an app and since then this problem has started, then first uninstall that app. If this fixes the problem then it is okay, otherwise, you will start your phone once in safe mode. For this, first of all, press the power button of the phone. As soon as the phone gets started, you have to press the volume up and down buttons together. It will start in safe mode itself.
Let me tell you that the way to start the phone in safe mode can be different according to the brand. You can find it on the internet. Once the phone starts in safe mode, then you use it for a while. If it’s working correctly then it’s okay to understand that the problem was in the app and uninstall those apps that you installed recently. If you are having trouble here then use another trick.
2. Battery problem: During the use of the phone, we do not care that the battery may also be bad. Today, in unibody phones where the battery can not be replaced by itself, it is difficult to catch and fill it. One thing, it is not necessary that such problems come only in the old battery. It can also happen with the new battery.
Solution: This happens even when the battery is bad. If the phone’s battery is removable, check it once. If the battery is not removable, then check the body of the phone to see if the battery is not flowering. If there is a doubt, take the phone to the service center immediately. It can be blast so Do not open the phone at home. Yes, if everything looks okay, at any time the screen is getting blackout then you can take the support of the ampere application to check the battery. This app will tell your phone’s battery health.
3. Poor charger: You probably do not know that due to bad quality charger the screen may also blackout. Because they do not have the power supply in the right volts and the battery is not charged properly. Because of this, the problem increases in the phone too.
Solution: If you have recently purchased a charger and since then this problem has started, then try using a new Original Charger.
4. MicroSD card: If you put music, photos, videos, etc. on your card and the phone’s screen is getting blackout during its use, then understand that the card has been damaged.
Solution: MicroSD card gets corrupted due to virus or scratch etc. and then it becomes difficult to access data. If the card is corrupted on the phone then the screen can also be blackout. In this case, you remove the card and restart the phone. Your phone will work correctly
5. Virus: In the Smartphone you run the Internet and as is known, there is always the risk of viruses on the internet. In this case, if your phone has a virus, there may be a problem like a screen blackout and hang, and it can bother you at any time.
Solution: If the phone is slow, it is hanging frequently and blackout is also a virus. To fix this, you have to factory reset or otherwise hard boot phone.
6. Old Phone: Although the problem of screen blackout is mostly seen in the old phone. Although being old, does not mean the phone got spoiled. Rather, there are problems like this due to the phone’s memory being full.
Solution: In this case, if you delete the cache memory from your phone and uninstall some apps from the phone then it can be solved the blackout problem. If the phone is reset to factory then it is much better.
7. Old software: The problem of screen blackout can also be due to the old software.
Solution: If your phone is out of date, then watch the software along with the storage once. Many times, companies give updates to eliminate phone bugs, but we ignore those updates and this causes problems like hanging in the phone and screen blackout. If there is any software update in the phone, then update it immediately.


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