What Is Airplane Mode?

A smartphone has tones of features about which lots of people have no idea. A normal user have some normal knowledge of their smartphone’s feature, Airplane mode or flight mode is also a lesser-known feature of smartphone, So now the question arises, what is the airplane mode in mobile? What are the real usages of… Read More »

Everything you need to know about Developer Option in Android

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8 Tips to save your Smartphone’s battery

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What is Smartphone and How it Works?

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How To Become Famous On Social Media

Today is the era of social media and everyone wants to be active here. By staying active here, we get the news of the country and the world as well as their separate identity. But this is the work of many people, by which they earn money by making their identity on social media. Those… Read More »

5 Ways To Stop Spy On Your Smartphone

5 Ways To Stop Spy On Your Smartphone Recently there has been a news that there are more than 1,000 such apps that are spying on our phone. Even if you have not given permission, yet they are stealing data from your phone. However, this is not the first time but whether it is an… Read More »

What is Blog and How To Earn Money with Your Bog

A blog is nothing but that type of website where the blogger (author of that blog) writes lots of informative article related to any particular category. Thank You for reading this blog post. You may find lots of informative blog on the INTERNET which will teach you about any particular thing. The main motive of… Read More »