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Things To Know Before Buying Smart TV

Smart TV is slowly growing in India. In the last year, companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Thomson, and VU have launched their smart TVs in the market.

The condition of the smart TV market has become such that at the recent Amazon Great Festival sale, the Shinko company sold a 55-inch 4K TV for just Rs 5,500.

Now the question is, do you really need a smart TV or are you making a big mistake by buying a smart TV somewhere? Let’s know …

What is the problem with Smart TV?

We start with a customer. 34-year-old Iram Mirza bought a Smart TV last year, but he has not yet been able to install Netflix in his Smart TV and that is because his TV does not have ‘sideload’.

Many of you may not know about sideload. This is something that as there is no app on the Google Play Store and you have to download that app from a third-party platform like 9 apps.

The same has happened with Mirza. Netflix is ​​not pre-installed on their smart TVs and neither does Netflix exist on their TV stores. In such a situation, despite having a smart TV, Mirza is not able to access Netflix.

So now the question is that when you cannot download the desired app on Smart TV, then what is the benefit of taking Smart TV.

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV simply means that it will have an operating system and you will be able to connect it to the Internet. Smart TV is like your smartphone in a way in which you can play internet and will be able to install apps like Google, Amazon Prime Video.

Nowadays Smart TV market is dominated by TVs with Android operating system. Currently, there are smart TVs with operating systems like Android, Samsung’s Tygen and LG’s WebOS.

No problem inexpensive and branded smart TVs

Buying a cheap smart TV is always a loss deal because cheap smart TVs also get less RAM and storage with weaker processors. In such a situation, you have to face problems after some time.

Also, you stop getting updates after few months. In such a situation, many features are not found in the app installed in your TV and sometimes these apps also stop working.

Gradually your TV starts playing turtle. Many times TV also crashes. Companies that launch cheap TVs are not able to get companies like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon to even create apps that support their TV operating systems.

The special thing is that LeEco TV sold in India also does not have any of these apps.

What you should do

If you really want a smart TV, instead of a smart TV, you can take Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast or Apple TV, because these devices have custom software. There is a separate remote with a fire stick and access to many apps. With the help of Google Chrome Cast, you can easily view the content on your phone on your LED TV.


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