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What is Blog and How To Earn Money with Your Bog

what is blog
A blog is nothing but that type of website where the blogger (author of that blog) writes lots of informative article related to any particular category. Thank You for reading this blog post.
You may find lots of informative blog on the INTERNET which will teach you about any particular thing. The main motive of a blogger is to teach about anything to their visitor in which the blogger thinks that he is good and earn money.
Today in the world of technology a blog became one of the main sources to gain knowledge about everything in which they want and also blog is a great way to share our knowledge with the world.
Everybody wants knowledge about which they want and for that they are also willing to pay for that and if the knowledge comes from free way than why not they love to read the blog.
As you know that in early days there were people who love to read newspaper and books. Later lots of magazine came in the place of newspaper and book, but now blog is replacing all that because almost everybody now has Smartphone, PC and tablets and internet connection.
Yes you are right in the current world there are also lots of people who loves to read newspaper and books.

History of Blog

The term blog initially known as Weblog, later the advancement of technology the term Weblog became Blog.
The evolution of blog started in 90s because lots of people has INTERNET connection than and they started to read blog.
It was the time when blog started to replace newspaper and books. 
Later lots of blogger came in existence who started sharing their knowledge with the world with the help of blog.
Now blog and blogging is very common as you can find blog on INTERNET for almost every category which is your interest.
As blog became very common so the blogger also became very common, you can find a blogger next to your street.

How to earn money with blogging?

As you know that where there are lots people there money flows like a river.
For example face book, Instagram, Twitter etc.
How does these social media platform earn money?
These social media handle earn money because they have lots of user who love to use their platform.
Similarly if a blog have lots of reader than thay blogger will earn lots of money.
There are several ways you can earn money with the help of a blog. Some of the most common way are listed below.
Display advertisement: probably you have noticed that there is lots of advertisement banner if you read a blog. These advertisement banner earn money for the blogger if any visitor clicks on that banner.
There is lots of advertisement agency in the world who displays ad on the blog. Two major advertisement agency are –
Google adsense by google by Microsoft
Affiliate Marketing – this is also major way implementing which a blogger earn thousands of dollars.
Basically affiliate marketing is a way in which a blogger promotes any product and if any visitor buys that product than the product owner gives some commission to that blogger, this is how affiliate marketing works.
Sponsored Post – this is another major way to earn money with the help of blog. There is lots of company available in the market who wants to advertise their product. In this case that company contact the blogger to write about their product on that blogger’s blog. If blogger agrees to write than the blogger charges the money for that post from the company.
Sell your own product – you can sell product like eBooks, books, your services with the help of a blog, this is another great way to earn money with your blog.


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