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What is Smartphone and How it Works?

In today’s digital world, most people always keep a small device. Which you know by the name of “smartphone”. Through which we can easily do many things just sitting at home. But even now in many places where network is very slow, it is important for people to know what is a smartphone? What are its functions? Apart from this, as a smartphone user, it is useful for us to have enough information about the smartphone.
So in this article, we are giving complete information about the smartphone. For the convenience of the study, we have divided this article into the following parts.
Table of Content
What is Smartphone?
History of Smartphone
Popular Smartphone Models
Benefits of Smartphone
Smartphone parts
what have you learned?

What is Smartphone?

Smartphones are those mobile devices whose hardware and connectivity capabilities are many times more than that of a normal mobile phone (keypad phone). It is a type of mobile computing. The modern hardware, software capability and mobile operating system present in the smartphone makes it different from a feature phone. Initially keypad mobiles were launched. With the help that device we could only use calling, messaging, calculator etc. But over time, multimedia keypad phones were developed so that users could work along with calling, watching songs, movies, playing video games etc. Then PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) along with media player, GPS etc. were made available. But in the present time, with the change in technology, smartphones have replaced these PDAs. Which includes features like touch screen, wifi, web browsing etc.
Smartphones are becoming a complement of computers today. Because of which every task is being done through smartphone instead of computer. And businesses are also making their products smartphone friendly.

History of Smartphone

The first commercially available smartphone was launched in 1992 as a prototype developed by Frank Canova. Named “Angler”. The same device was showcased at the Computer Industry Business Program (COMDEX). Then in 1994, the improved version of this device was launched by BellSouth under the name Simon Personal Communicator. This device could send mail and fax. In which there was also a cellular feature with contact book.
In the 1990s, many mobile users carried PDA devices with them. This device worked on the Palm OS, Newton, Symbian operating system. Over time, these operating systems took the form of mobile operating systems. All the so-called smartphones that were being manufactured at this time were all Hybrid Device. Which used different hardware with software feature of PDA device. In 1996, Nokia launched some of its PDAs which became very popular. After this, Japanese company NTT DoCoMo launched its mobile internet device in the i-mode market which made a blast in the smartphone industry. But smartphone was still a rare thing outside Japan.
After this Nokia, Blackberry and Windows started launching their smartphones in the market. This company was still making its devices for business. And Nokia was focusing only on the business of Eseries. After its success, Nokia also launched N series for the common people in the smartphone market and that time Nokia became the king of the smartphone market. And until 2010, Symbian OS was the number one mobile operating system. Then in 2007 Apple Computer launched the first iPhone based iOS in the market. Which had all the modern features with the touchscreen. Which we use today.
In the year 2008, the first Android phone HTC Dream was launched, which is also known as G1. This smartphone was launched in some countries of Europe including America which works solely on the Android operating system. Over time, Android smartphones were launched in the market by many mobile companies due to the attractive features in Android smartphones and the increasing popularity of cheaper prices. Today, most smartphones run on Google’s Android OS. This is followed by iOS number.
 Some Popular Smartphones – Top Smartphones
Google Pixel
One plus
Sony xperia
Samsung galaxy

Smartphone usage

Smartphones have become the companion of our daily lives. If you do not have a smartphone with you, then you hear and feel emptiness. Apart from this, due to digital literacy, a lot of work is being done through smartphones. That’s why smartphones are becoming useful for us.
Calling – This feature is most commonly used. And we can call just like a normal phone. With which we also get the facility of video calling.
Sending messages, emails – You can send your messages, emails like a computer through your smartphone and read and reply to them on receipt.
Map and GPS – Almost all smartphones come with in-built map and GPS features. Which you can take advantage of on traveling. If you are in a new place, there are no better guides than smartphones in finding a way.
Mobile banking – In modern times, you can also do banking work on smartphone.
Bill payment, ticket booking, recharge – Through smartphone, you can pay bills like electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet etc. while sitting at home. If you have to go out in work. Then you can book your train, bus, plane ticket only through smartphone. Apart from this, you can also do mobile recharge, DTH recharge.
Entertainment – Smartphones can play songs for you. Your choice of film can run. You can play video games. The type of entertainment you like. Smartphone can provide for you.
Making photos and videos – If you have a smartphone then you do not have to buy a digital camera separately. Because the camera features in the smartphone. Through which you can take photos of any program and make videos.
Use of Internet – Today more mobiles are consumed through mobile phones than computers. And with the modern smartphone, you can experience the Internet just like a computer. Through which you can find useful information for yourself anytime, anywhere.
Useful Apps – Many useful apps are being made for smartphones. Such as WhatsApp, Chrome Browser, Paytm etc. through which you can handle many daily tasks. More than 1 lakh apps are available in the Google Play Store alone (app market for Android device).
Smartphone parts
Display – Touchscreen is used for output in smartphones. These screens are based on LCD or LED technology. By this, you run videos, apps, games etc. See your document.
Battery – A smartphone uses the battery to power its internal devices. These batteries are rechargeable. So you can recharge it again and again. Battery life is long and backups are also longer.
Memory – Like smartphones, memory is used to store data. For this, memory card slots are also made in them. Users could store more data. Along with this, separate RAM is also used to increase the functionality of the device.
Processor – Like computers, smartphones also rely on processors to do their work. And this is equivalent to a computer processor.
Operating System – Feature phones did not have an operating system. But smartphones have a separate operating system. Therefore, users get more features and convenience. Android, iOS are some mobile operating systems.
Sensors – Many types of sensors are also installed in smartphones. These include Gyroscope, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity, Accelerometer, Digital Compass etc.
Body – Plastic or metal body is used to protect the internal equipment and make the appearance beautiful. In which some important buttons are also installed for the user. like; Volume Button, Power Button etc.


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