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What Is Stock and Custom Android? Difference between Custom and Stock Android

What Is Stock and Custom Android
While buying the phone, you must have heard the name of two things, Custom Android and Stock Android. But have you ever noticed what it is? After all, what is their work in mobile and what is the difference between these two? Stock Android is the original Android version of Google, in which you get basic features, while the custom Android company is purchased from Google, in which the company customizes Google’s Android to provide better features in mobile.

User interface

Talking about the user interface, stock Android gives you very basic features, while in custom Android you can do a lot of customization. Like changing the font in the phone, setting different themes, changing the app icon and in it, you can also change the lock screen.

Who is better in applications?

In stock Android, you will get only the apps that you get from Google, but in custom Android, you also get the app of the company whose mobile you have taken. Such as, screen recording, call recording and game mode.

Who is heavy in terms of security?

Talking about security, your mobile is much more secure in stock Android, while custom Android has many third-party apps, due to which the security of your phone is reduced.

Whose performance is better?

The performance of stock Android is better than custom, but many companies offer RAM optimization features in more than 10,000 expensive phones, which makes the performance of custom Android much better.
If you want a stock Android phone in the market at this time, then you can take the experience of stock Android in Smartphone’s like Mi A3 and Google Pixel. If you want to get a custom Android experience, then MI’s MIU, Vivo’s Funtouch OS, One Plus’s Oxygen OS, and Realme and Oppo get Color OS.


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