Android Vs Iphone: Which one is Better and Why

There are two major mobile Operating system in the world one is Android, which is a Linux based open-source operating system, whereas another one is IOS, which is mainly found in apple device like iPhone. So here the discussion begins that in Android Vs iPhone, which operating system is better and why. Android was first… Read More »

Complete Detail About Android

Android, I know you have heard this word too many times before, you would also use android in your Smartphone but do you know what is Android and how does it work? if you do not know about Android then read this full post, because here we will know that what Android is? And apart… Read More »

Battery Saving Tips For Beginners

Earlier reports of a battery blast in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scare consumers. After this, the news of the blasts of the iPhone 7 could come again people. Today, the news of the Galaxy S7 Az phone blast is being discussed again today. After news reports that large flagship phones were blasted, mobile users need… Read More »

How to fix Android phone with Black Screen

A smartphone is made up of thousands of components. This is the reason that often there are few drawbacks in the phone. If the charging does not work properly, then the problem of heating in the phone is seen. Similarly, in a phone, the camera problem is detected and the screen is black-out. Although problems… Read More »

Google Assistant: Everything You Need To Know

It was the time of 2016 when Google Assistant was first introduced. Soon, It became one of the most successful product of Google and loved by people all over the world. Google Assistant has lot more feature in it, which makes it different from other services like Siri and Cortana.what should you say in reply… Read More »

How to Buy a Perfect Selfie Camera Phone

Taking a photo from the smartphone’s rear camera is the old thing today. Today we are living in the selfie era. If the phone does not have a better selfie camera on the phone today, maybe people do not even buy it. If you are also making a purchase of a smartphone and want his… Read More »