What Is Social Media?

By | November 14, 2019
What Is Social Media?
What is this social media (Social Media in Hindi), probably everyone knows the answer because today everyone is using these social media. Yes, the social media I am talking about in friends is nothing but these are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks. We know about the networks, if we do not know, then it is nothing but connecting with others. For example like Blogging’s network, Business’s network.
In the same way, social media means to connect with people through social communication. According to aajtaknow.in It is just like Physical Network, it just happens in-network online. Since now is the time of online, people use this social media to communicate among themselves, to increase contact or to exchange their live things and information. Many times it has been found that many of our friends and relatives do not live with us and some live abroad, so social media is very useful for us to interact with them and maintain friendship.
That’s why today I thought that you will know about what social media is and how it has become a significant part of our life. Just to give full information about this thing, today I have selected this topic, so what is the delay?

What is social media?

Social Media is also known as Social Media Service. This means connecting with your friends and relatives using the Internet. Where you exchange friendship, relationship, education, interests with each other. With this, we can know about the events happening in the country and abroad. With this, we can learn about the interests of others and also explore them.
Definition of social media
Generally, Social Media Services allow users to create a profile. We can mainly divide them into two broad categories.
1) Internal Social Media (ISN)
2) External Social Media (ESN)
Internal Social Media (ISN)
ISN is mainly a closed and private community where small or small number of people are connected, it is like a community between those people. Here, an invitation is required to join this network. And you can join them only on invitation. For example, an Education group, Photography group or Hacking Community or a Secret Forum.
External Social Media (ESN)
Whereas ESN is mainly open and public community where people are connected in a large or large scale, it is like a community among these people. Here anyone can join this network who wants to join it. This mainly attracts advertisers more as there is more traffic here. Users can add their picture here and can also become “friends” with others. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Ask, etc.

What is a website and its type

Often, in social media, a user cannot link between themselves until they confirm to other people.
Social media features
Social Media Services are mainly Web-Based Services. That allows people to create a public or semi-public profile within a limited system. With this, they get this facility on how to get the facility to share their content with others. These vary from the nature of connection and nomenclature from one site to another. With this, it helps us to meet with each other and with the help of those things which we cannot tell through our voice, we can convey that message to others.

How is it used for business model?

We know this well that where there is good traffic, a good business model can be prepared only. In the same way on Social Network, the concept of Pages and Groups is very popular. If you have more people on your account then you can change it in a page. With this, advertisers can contact you to deliver their ads on those pages. In this way, you can do good business on your social account.

Types of social media

Using social media properly is very beneficial for entrepreneurs and small business. With this, they can make their business bigger by joining with many people. They can also advertise their products using social media. Because Social Medias operate all over the world, with the help of this, we can contact people in any country of the world and increase our business.
Medical applications
Social Medias are used by many health professionals to manage their institutional knowledge. With this, they can highlight their doctors and institutions in front of people. With this, they can also share their knowledge with other people.
Social media services are now being used for criminal and legal investigations. Information that are located in sites such as MySpace and Facebook are investigated by the police.
Use of social media for social good
Many social services use social media in the right way because they know very well that a lot of people visit social media and look for good posts. If they talk to them about their social service, then maybe some people will agree to join them in this good work. This increases their viewership and their followers. By working more like-minded people (people of similar thinking) together, they can easily achieve many impossible goals. And can do something different and better for this society.

What are the Risks of Social Media?

Where the use of Social Media helps us to take advantage of a lot of possibilities such as increasing contact with our friends, getting to know the world closely, knowing about cultures, long-distance relationships, etc. At the same time, it also brings many such risks with which we need to know.
They say that there are two aspects of the coin; similarly, using social media can be equally risky if we do not know how to use it. Because online we can find many such frauds and molesters who can trick us by pretending to be friends and get us wrong. So let’s know a little more about this.
Main risks that can be done using social media
1. Loss of our privacy: All the data, information, photo, video or file that we upload on social media becomes a part of that, which later becomes part of administrators’ files. In return, if a hacker hacks that system, then he can easily get all our data and can also use it incorrectly. So never save all your information on any social media.
2. Access of inappropriate content: Since there is less control over our network, so the information we see on the Internet may have bad and inappropriate content coming in front of us even if we don’t want it. They can be of any humus, such as violent, sexual, or things related to nerves etc. These things can also be published or shared on social media by other people in the form of links, notices.
3. Harassment by Colleagues, acquaintances or strangers: The main two fundamental cases can be seen here.
Cyberbullying: Harassment that is done by any colleagues or strangers through threats, insults, etc. in this network.
Cyber grooming: These are mainly done by adults with minors so that they can get their photos and information from them, which they can later use to get their work done.

Benefits of social media

We can see social media as a structure where people maintain variety of relationship like friendly, working, commercial, informative, etc. But now this Internet has become a fundamental tool of communication, from students to large companies, from politicians to police corporations; It uses it to investigate any of your favorite topics of interest, or to complete a transaction or to chat with a friend. Therefore, if it is not used properly, it can also dominate us. So let’s discuss again about the advantages and disadvantages of social media.
Social media can be used to advertise something.
School activities can also be done easily, even if all the members are from different states.
If our relatives or friends are living far away, then we can contact them easily with the help of social media and that too at a very low cost.
Even we can interact with people in other cities, states or countries.
We can easily send and receive diverse files (such as photographs, documents, etc.).
New friends can be made that are of another culture.
It helps us to interact in real-time.
Nowadays political parties are running they’re online campaign with the help of Social media.
Here we can prepare discussion and debate forums and discuss among ourselves.
It helps us to do collaborative learning.
It helps commercial networks to reach people to their products.
This also helps the police to carry out its investigation smoothly.
Social media disadvantages
Privacy is a big issue of Social Medias.
Here any unknown and dangerous person can get access to all your personal information and which they can later use wrongly.
With this use, you start separating yourself from your family and friends because you spend a lot of your time online.
To enter social media, you can also tell your age as wrong, so that you inadvertently bring yourself closer to the online molester. Because you do not understand that much at this young age and those people who can use it wrongly can take it.
Possibility of creating fake accounts increases more.
It keeps pulling you towards yourself inadvertently and later you become its slave.
This gives real relation to a lot of damage.
More use of computers and gadgets also has a bad effect on your health.

What is the future of social media

Since we are living in the technological world, where all our things are full of technology. Therefore, the future of social media is also very bright. Its use has increased considerably in a few years. Today, people know less about their neighbors but more about the neighbors of others. If seen, this is called social media and nothing but communication happening in the virtual world. Where we have literally many friends, there are communities, etc. Slowly all things are moving more towards the virtual world. In such a situation, the day is not far when all our things will be available in social media.

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